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2004 February

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I used to think that the brain was the most wonderful organ in my body
02.20.04 (11:21 am)   [edit]
She also relayed a news story about several Phoenix-area illegal immigrant drop houses which were recently discovered and busted. This type of story is not too uncommon here, of course. My remaining favorite is of the twin warehouses that were built on either side of the border, about 200 yards in. Some enterprising smuggler (drug type or coyote type, I forget) had built the sheds and dug a tunnel between them. Eventually even the dim-witted border patrol agents couldn't help but notice that many more prople were coming out of the US-side shed than were going in. I think the operation ran about 6 months before they woke up to what was going on and shut it down...

Initial entry - Ramblin' Man
02.19.04 (9:51 am)   [edit]
Spelling and grammar: I will attempt to write in a fashion that bears some resemblence to proper English. I make no promises, however, and refuse to let any convention stifle my creative surges. My spelling is, I admit, at best mediocre and at times can be downright atrocious. As with grammar, I reserve the right to invoke full power and privleges of journalistic license even to the point of making up new words and creatrive uses of punctuation. It should be noted that even more dismal than my spelling or my grammar is my typing. So, before any future readers draw the conclusion that Iím a complete, illiterate moron; please be kind and take into account that my fingers have a hard time keeping up with my brainóglacial pace though it be. Now, drawing the same conclusion from the context is quite another matter.